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P.A.M. Diamond Paintings, LLC offers a large selection of legally licensed diamond paintings. We are constantly expanding our inventory and provide excellent quality diamond paintings at an affordable price. Most or our diamond paintings will come with some AB drills unless it is a crystal painting, or you want some Twinkle Dust Drills. I use Acrylic Drills and will guarantee them 100%. The Twinkle Dust Drills are Resin and they come from my supplier, so I will also guarantee them 100%. (Only the twinkle dust drills will be resin if you order an acrylic kit). There is an option to choose Resin. I do not guarantee Resin Drills. I have had resin drills break down on me over time using a light pad and they seem to really stick together and not from static. There is an option to have certain designs hand charted. Our images may appear to be pixelated or grainy. This is to protect the artist and myself for copyright reasons.

We work with several different artists. We work with Traditional Artists, Digital Artists and AI. Some of our artists may have used AI during their design process. We are open to AI here at P.A.M. Diamond Paintings. Our procedures and stance on AI will continue to evolve. We are very meticulous with our requirements, and they must progress through a very strict guideline. Part of that being that if a design is mass produced, we will go as far as to reject them all. We do not encourage mass production of AI artwork and will not present mass production on the website. We don’t mind licensing artists that use it as a tool to help enhance more beautiful designs. We are open to all types of artists.

We work with a variety of artists to be able to bring our customers new designs that they are interested in diamond painting. We do not all have the same taste. Therefore, a variety of art mediums are necessary. We hope you can find something that you like. Remember: if you have a design or photo of your own that you would like a custom of, we can help you with that.

All of our diamond paintings are PREORDER. PREORDER means that they are not in stock. They will be ordered at a later date. I order 3 times a month. I order at the beginning of the month, the middle of the month, and the end of the month. Your order can take up to 3-4 weeks to be shipped depending on when you ordered.

Diamond painting is the process of developing a mosaic to re-create an image using tiny faceted “diamonds”, also known as drills by attaching them to a sticky canvas. As with cross-stitch one pixel of the image equates to one stitch or in this case one drill. It is becoming a very popular craft and is very relaxing. Click the ‘Shop’ link above to get started!

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Artist of the Month Regan Kubecek 

Hi, my name is Regan Kubecek, and I’m a fantasy artist from Australia. My artwork is created with various mediums including colored pencils, markers, inks and pens.
As most artists will tell you, I have been drawing most of my life. And my subjects have always been fantasy-based. I love drawing fairies, witches, mermaids and the occasional zombie.
I hope you all enjoy my artworks. Come and join me on my art page on Facebook where you can see works in progress, hear my latest news and promotions, and get to know me along the way.

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